May 10, 2021

Last Minute Deal on 2011 Budget Averts Government Shutdown

“Congressional leaders have been scramble at the 11th hour to reach a broad agreement that will enact a 2011 budget for the federal government, and in doing so, avert a total shutdown of the goverment and all that entails.

2011 budget

There is promising news coming from both sides of the aisle, with Democrats and Republicans reaching a temporary budget that will have to be approved by the House of Representatives and Senate.

This last minute agreement is just a temporary measure that funds the goverment through the end of the current fiscal year, forestalling a much larger fight on deciding a proper budget, as well as getting the United States’ fiscal house in order by tackling the deficit and debt.

LIke most other legislation, normal everyday citizens will likely have to ‘wait until its passed’ in order to figure out how it will affect them and determine what changes in the IRS tax code it might contain.”

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